PC Wire for Railway Sleeper, Subway Track, Girder and Concrete Floor

Wire with Spiral Ribs (Standard JIS G 3536 ) as following specification.

Technical Specification of 7 mm diameter.

High Tensile PC Wire.
Wire with Spiral Ribs (Standard JIS G 3536).

Nominal Diameter: 7 mm diameter.
Theoretical Weight: 302 gm/m.
Sectional Area: 38.48 mm2.
Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.05.

Mechanical Properties

  • 0.2% Proof Load: 50.995 kN.
  • Breaking Load: 58.35 kN.
  • Elongation: 4.5%.
  • Relaxation value: 3.00%.
 A roll PC wire on the ground.
PCW-01: Indent PC wire
A roll PC strand wire on the ground.
PCW-02: PC strand wire
A roll PC strand wire hanging above the ground.
PCW-03: PC strand wire coil
Several rolls of PV wires in blue waterproof paper package on the ground.
PCW-04: Unbond PC wire

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