Brass Wire in Instrumentation, Aircraft, Shipbuilding, Welding, Shoe Industry

Brass wire is different from the copper analogue of the higher corrosion resistance, elasticity and durability. Produce a product of the two-component alloys based on zinc and copper and with the addition of Compound alloying additives: manganese, silicon, lead, nickel, iron, aluminum.

Wire Dia: brass wire 0.05-12 mm.
The shape of the cross section of brass wire is hexagonal, square and round, and on the accuracy of its production - increased accuracy, or normal.

Characteristics: As the alloy product, Brass wire can be produced soft, hard and semi - solid.

Wire can be supplied to consumers (depending on thickness and length), in coils or bundles.

A detail of brass wire on the white background.
BRW-01: Brass wire coil 1
A roll of brass wire on the white background.
BRW-02: Brass wire coil 2
Two black spools of brass wire on the ground.
BRW-03: Brass wire on black spool
Five small coils of brass wire on white spool.
BRW-04: Brass wire on white spool
Several small coils of brass wires are piled neatly in the warehouse.
BRW-05: Brass wire and copper wire warehouse
Several small coils of brass wires are piled next to the wall.
BRW-06: Brass wire with plastic film package

It can weave of wire mesh and brass cloth, electrical wire, making of cable, chemical industry and electric appliances.
Today, brass wire is widely used in instrumentation, aircraft, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (for the production of cables, wires, transformers, coils), in the shoe industry (for manufacturing brass nails), welding (for high-strength suture).

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