Copper wire – General-Purpose, Low Temperature Thermocouple, Soft, Solid

Copper wire specifications:
The shape of the cross-sectional:
round or rectangular.
The resistivity of copper wire depends on the type of material and temperature. Each wire has a set of physical and mechanical characteristics.
Different copper wire is determined by the maximum electrical resistance, which operates at a temperature of 20 °C.


  1. Copper wire with high plasticity, it can be repeatedly bent, but there is a disadvantage: just big soft.
  2. It has a high ductility, strength of the fractures, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.


  1. By appointment copper wire can be divided into: general-purpose wire, for low-temperature thermocouple wire.
  2. It is divided into soft and solid wire.
A roll of copper steel wire.
CW-01: Copper wire coil
Two rolls of copper steel wires on the white background.
CW-02: Copper wire coils
 A axle is supporting copper steel wires.
CW-03: Copper wire big coil
Five rolls of copper steel wires are piled up.
CW-04: Five coils of copper wire
Two small coil of copper wires on the table.
CW-05: Copper wire spools
Nine coil of copper steel wire with axles in waterproof paper and pallet package.
CW-06: Copper wire spool on wooden pallet


  1. Used in the manufacture of electrical wire, electrical copper wire was which, by its electrical conductivity and thermal resistance properties are almost indispensable.
  2. Widely used in power engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications, automotive, shipbuilding and other industries.
  3. Copper wire is used in machine building and manufacture of rivets.
  4. Copper wire can be used as tie wire.
  5. 18 gauge copper wire can be used as picture frame hanging wire or gallery wire.

Price: Price depends on product type, diameter, and the country of origin.

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