Picture frame hanging wire is a great ideal for hanging frame.

Picture frame hanging wire form galvanized steel, aluminum, copper wire material, is widely used in hanging arts, crafts, LED lights and various home applications.

Three rolls of stitching wires on the white background.

We manufacture round and flat stitching wire, galvanized (rust proof) stitching wire in coils for the packaging industry, wire dia. from 0.50 mm to 2.50 mm.

A roll of black annealed box wire on the white background.

Box wire is available in 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 gauge, made of galvanized or black Annealed wire. Box wire as the binding wire is used in packing or construction.

Six pieces of galvanized bale tie wire on the white background.

The bale tie wire materials have galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire and low carbon wire.We also make a respectable bale tie, including double and single loop bale ties.

A roll PC strand wire hanging above the ground.

PC wire technique specification, mainly describe nominal diameter, theoretical weight, sectional area and more info.

A yellow color PVC coated binding wire on the white background.

Binding wire is made of black annealed, galvanized or PVC wire, used for binding and packing for home or construction. Wire diameter is from 0.8 mm to 3.8 mm

Two cotton bale tie wire are connected together.

Cotton bale tie wire, also called quick link bale ties, is made of galvanized wire for packing cotton, synthetic fiber, wool in hand tying & automated system.

A roll PVC coated and a roll of copper double loop wire ties on the white background.

Double Loop Wire Ties are made of black annealed, copper, galvanized or PVC coated wire. Double Loop Wire Ties as the banding wire are used in packing or construction.

Four rolls of hard steel galvanized wire on the white background.

Galvanized wire, hard steel galvanized wire, soft steel galvanized wire, mild steel galvanized wire, low carbon steel galvanized wire.

Two black and two green PVC coated single loop bale ties on the white background.

Single Loop Bale Ties is also named cotton bale tie wire, loop wire tie or banding wire. It is made of High Quality Galvanized or Black Annealed wire, used as tie wire.

A galvanized binding strip wire on the white background.

Binding strip wire, tape binding suppliers, plastic binding comb, metal binding strip, sure binding strip, white sure bind strips.

A black and a yellow color PVC coated wire.

Small coil wire is mainly used as tie wire or binding wire in construction. The coil wires generally include rebar tie wire, binding wire, PVC coated tie wire, aluminum wire and stainless steel tie wire.

Rebar Tie Wire PVC coated

Rebar Tie Wire made of PVC coated wire, galvanized wire, black annealed wire, used as binding wire. 20 Rolls/carton or as your requirement.

Several rolls of galvanized wires are piled up on the grond.

Galvanized wire supplied in coils of 20 to 200 kg, and in the pallet from 800 kg to 1.2 tons, or as your requirement. It is used as tie wire.

Several red color PVC coated wires are piled on the ground.

PVC wire with diameter before coating 3.0 mm/after coating 5.0 mm, tensile strength 3565 kilometer per square millimeter, packing lined with PVC strips and wrapped with PVC or hessian cloth.

A bundle of galvanized U type wire and a bundle of PVC coated wire on the gray background.

U type wire is a kind of tie wire in construction, made of galvanized wire and black iron wire, bright iron wire, PVC coated iron wire or painted iron wire.

Four bundles of PVC coated straight cut wires on the carton.

Straight cut wire is a kind of tie wire cutting to certain sizes, packed in carton and pallet. And it is widely used in construction, handicrafts and daily use.

A reel of stainless steel wire on the white background.

Stainless steel wire with a mirror and a matte surface. Stainless steel wire with cold-drawn or heat-treated is used in the manufacture of furniture, architecture, etc.

A detail of brass wire on the white background.

Brass wire has high corrosion resistance, elasticity and durability. And can be produced soft, hard and semi-solid. It is packed in coils or bundles.

A roll of copper steel wire.

Copper wire with high plasticity, it can be repeatedly bent. Used in the manufacture of electrical wire and as tie wire. Its shape of the cross-sectional is round or rectangular.

Several low carbon spring wires in different sizes on the white background.

Spring wire is a kind of steel wire with a diameter of 0.14-16 mm, surface can be coated with oil to prevent corrosion during transportation and storage, packed in waterproof paper or plastic sheeting.

Several rolls of nail wires on the ground.

Nail wire main used to make nails, has a diameter of 0.18 to 14 mm, annealed wire, galvanized wire. And nailing galvanized wire has excellent corrosion resistance, easy to transport.

A coil of copper wire on the white background.

Welding wire is the main welding consumable, can be copper coated or stainless. Use of this contributes to the formation of wire flat seam and secure mounting.

Several rolls unpacked and several rolls packed black annealed binding wire in the warehouse.

Black annealed binding wire is made of low carbon steel wire, used for weaving, baling in general. Annealed wire is supplied in coils or in spools.

A roll of galvanized steel wire hanging above the ground.

Steel wire - a kind of binding wire (tie wire) is associated with repeated cold drawing. It includes Barbed wire steel, Welding steel wire and Carbon steel wire.

Low-carbon Steel

Low-carbon steel wire is called general purpose wire, and bend it easily. It is coated galvanized and copper, and mild steel galvanized wire has high resistance to corrosion.