Picture Hanging Wire – Single Wire, Rope Wire, Braid Wire, Copper Wire

Nowadays, hanging wire is widely used in our daily life and make our life more convenient and comfortable. Hanging wire with the feature of soft, flexible, superior corrosion resistance and easy to twist while retaining strength, it can be use for hanging picture, craft, light, plant, and for fixing fence, etc.

A roll of galvanized steel hanging wire.
HW-01: 16-gauge galvanized steel hanging wire.
A coil of carbon steel framer hanging wire.
HW-02: A coil of framer hanging rope wire supports up to 50 lbs.
Picture hanging wire attaches to back of picture frames for easy hanging.
HW-03: A coil of braided picture hanging wire.
Copper hobby hanging wire used for hanging plant, art and crafts and more.
HW-04: A coil of 18-gauge copper hobby hanging wire.

Specifications of hanging wire

  • Single wire:
    • Material: steel, aluminum, copper wire.
    • Surface treatment: galvanized.
    • Wire gauge: 9, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24, 28.
    • Working load: 5, 15, 55 lbs.
  • Rope wire:
  • Braided wire:
    • Material: carbon steel.
    • Surface treatment: galvanized.
    • Working load: 30 lbs.

Features of hanging wire

  • Galvanized steel hanging wire
    Soft and flexible while keeping hands clean and cut free.
  • Framers hanging wire
    Weather guard finish for superior corrosion resistance, easy to twist while retaining strength, safe working load of 25 lbs.
  • Picture hanging braided wire
    Heavy-duty, medium-duty, light-duty braided wire in galvanized, stainless steel, sturdiness and toughness.
  • Copper hobby wire
    Maximum weight capacity 35 lb, soft, flexible design.

Application of hanging wire

  • Hanging a variety of pictures.
  • Hanging light.
  • Hanging plant.
  • Used for crafts, art projects and various home projects.
  • Used for appliance parts & accessories, miscellaneous accessories.
  • Fix fence.
Galvanized hanging wire is light and tough for hanging lights.
HW-05: Galvanized hanging wire is the best choice for hanging lights.
The copper hobby wire is for fastening and hanging plant.
HW-06: Copper hobby wire hanging wire use for hanging plant.
Picture hanging steel wire use in picture hanging and mirrors.
HW-07: Picture hanging for hanging pictures that decorate your room.
Picture frame hanging wire is a great ideal for hanging frame.
HW-08: Braided picture frame hanging wire strong enough to hanging picture frame.

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