Low-Carbon Steel Wire for Producing Nail, Mesh, Concrete Construction

Low-carbon Steel Wire
LSW-01: Low carbon steel wire

Low-carbon steel wire is normal quality wire, and it is called general purpose wire. Steel wire is usually well holds its shape, but this is a heavy metal, and bend it easily. Often used for a variety of frameworks.

The diameter:
Low-carbon steel wire is manufactured with diameters from 0.20 to 8.0 mm by repeated cold drawing. The raw material for hot-rolled wire rod is with diameters 5.0-9.0 mm.
Coating: galvanized, copper.

  • According to the type of processing steel wire is:
    • Heat-treated (annealed).
    • Thermally untreated.
  • According to the type of surface:
    • No cover.
    • Coated (galvanized, copper coated).
    • Low-carbon steel wire heat-treated coatings without light, and in consultation with the manufacturer of the consumer is also allowed production of a black wire.


  1. Bend it easily.
  2. Mild steel galvanized wire has high resistance to corrosion.

Packing: The wire supplied in coils of 0.02-0.2 tons and in the pallet of 0.8-1.2 tons. Each coil tied.

Several low carbon steel wires in the workshop.
LSW-02: Low carbon steel wire big coil
Several large rolls of low carbon steels in the factory yard.
LSW-03: Black low carbon steel wire
Several rolls of low carbon steel wires are bulk stored on the ground.
LSW-04: Low carbon steel wire small coils
several rolls of galvanized steel wire are piled in the warehouse.
LSW-05: Low carbon galvanized steel wire
Several bundles of low carbon steel cut wire and galvanized cut wire on the ground.
LSW-06: Low carbon cut wire
Several small axles of spool wire piled on the ground.
LSW-07: Low carbon spool wire
Several large coil low carbon steel wires in plastic film and waterproof paper package on the ground.
LSW-08: Low carbon steel wire in plastic bag package
Several big coil low carbon steel wires on the ground.
LSW-09: Low carbon steel wire coil
Several low carbon steel wires in woven bag package in the warehouse.
LSW-10: Low carbon steel wire warehouse
Several rolls of low carbon steel wires are packed in pallets in the yard.
LSW-11: Low carbon steel wire in wooden pallet package for delivery

Application of Low-carbon wire:

  1. In general, low-carbon steel wire is the widest range of application - from the production of nails, mesh and reinforced concrete structures, to use the wire as the final product.
  2. Manufacture of nails - not bright annealed wire with a diameter of 1 to 6 mm.
  3. As tie wire (binding wire) - heat-treated wire without coating or galvanized.
  4. Low-carbon steel wire is also used in concrete construction for binding reinforcement.
  5. Manufacture of welded wire mesh - bright wire or galvanized wire almost all diameters (0.5 mm - 6.0 mm).
  6. Production of woven wire mesh - annealed uncoated or galvanized wire from 0.3 to 2 mm.
  7. Production of other types of metal mesh - hexagonal twisted, jointed, grooved, etc.
  8. The production of barbed wire - wire uncoated or galvanized with a diameter of 1.4 to 2.8 mm.
  9. Agriculture - for growing hops, grapes - annealed and not annealed wire diameter 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm.
  10. Air lines of communication - galvanized low carbon wire diameter from 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm.

We are always in the presence of a high quality low carbon steel wire. Price varies depending on the characteristics and the diameter of each individual wire. But for large volume orders we offer special rates. Low-carbon steel wire is sold by weight. Your desired order quantity is easily calculated, based on the diameter of a circle of wire and its total length.

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