Stainless Steel Wire with Visual Appeal and Withstanding 1100 °C

 A reel of stainless steel wire on the white background.
SSW-01: Stainless steel wire reel.
A roll of stainless steel wire on the white background.
SSW-02: Stainless steel wire roll.
Several reels of stainless steel wires are packed by waterproof paper.
SSW-03: Stainless steel wire in waterproof paper package.
Several rolls of stainless steel wires are packed by plastic film.
SSW-04: Stainless steel wire in plastic film package.

Stainless steel wire has a circular cross-section of small diameters. The wire can vary in the degree of processing with a mirror and a matte surface. The surface of stainless steel wire must be clean and smooth. Cracks, scale, rust, traces of oil are unacceptable.

  • Specifications:
    • The diameter of the wire: The minimum diameter of a millimeter, and the maximum - a few centimeters.
    • Cross-section shape: round, oval, square, hexagonal, trapezoidal.
  • Types of stainless steel wire:
    • Stainless steel wire cold-drawn.
    • Stainless steel wire heat-treated.
  • According to the type of processing stainless steel wire is:
    • Oxidized stainless steel wire.
    • Bright stainless steel wires (without oxide), the diameters of 0.3-0.6 mm.
  • For precision manufacturing is divided into:
    • Normal precision manufacturing.
    • Manufacture of high precision.
  • The physical properties of the product cause the existence of two classes: first and second classes of plasticity. The first type of product is more reliable. It is used to create high-strength structures such as wire mesh. More ductile type of wire used for the production of wire and other products in need, especially in flexible materials.

The advantages of stainless steel wire

  1. Stainless steel wire is resistance to temperature and corrosion. It can withstand temperatures up to 1100 °C .
  2. Stainless Wire has corrosion resistance, resistance to acids, chlorides and alkaline solutions. In addition, this wire is characterized by resistance to deformation and strength, high durability, visual appeal.


  1. We can use stainless steel wires in the power industry, construction, various engineering, petrochemical and food industries. Stainless steel wire is widely used as a welding stainless steel wire material for the live conductors of cables, ropes and springs.
  2. It is used for making ropes, cables, springs and various other parts for machinery. The service life of the wire is much longer than other types of wire, so it is more popular.
  3. Stainless steel wires used for welding stainless steel construction, electrodes made from it that are used in welding.
  4. Stainless steel wires used in the manufacture of furniture, architecture, etc.
  5. Stainless steel wires is indispensable in the structure of yachts and boats, as it withstands corrosion and mechanical stress, since no other wires can not resist.
  6. manufacture of sophisticated medical equipment, stylish furniture.

We offer a wide selection of stainless steel wire. There is a cold-treated, heat-treated, spring, welding, knitting, and cold-worked, made in accordance with the standards of the heat-resistant and high-alloy steel, resistant to various types of corrosion, such as soil and the effect of corrosive media.

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