Spring Wire with High Wear Resistance Widely Used in Furniture Industry

The wire spring is a kind of steel wire. Produced as a raw material for the manufacture of springs, circumferential cold and without quenching (0.3-5.0 mm). Thermal quenching and tempering are applied only in the case of stainless steel spring wire (0.2-8.0 mm).

  • Specifications:
    • The diameter of the wire: 0.14-16 mm.
    • Surface: In the process of production spring wire is coated with preservative oil to prevent corrosion during transportation and storage.
  • Type:
    Spring wire can be normal and high precision manufacturing, is divided into grades A, B, C (in steel grades) and grades 1, 2 and 3 (on the mechanical properties: tensile strength, the number of twists and kinks). It is made from various types of steel, and the accuracy of production may be normal and high accuracy.
  • Process:
    Spring wire - goes to the production of springs, which are wound in the cold and are not subject to quenching.
  • Characteristics:
    This wire has a high resistance to wear.
Several low carbon spring wires in different sizes on the white background.
SWI-01: Steel wire spring
Several spring wires in low carbon steel, galvanized and stainless steel material on the white background.
SWI-02: Steel wire spring
A roll of black spring wire on the ground.
SWI-03: Non galvanized spring wire
A spring wire coil on the white
SWI-04: Galvanized spring wire coil
A big coil spring wire are bulked on the white background.
SWI-05: High elasticity spring wire
Two small coil of galvanized spring wire.
SWI-06: Two coils of spring wire
Several spring wires are packed in wooden pallet in the warehouse.
SWI-07: Black spring wire coils on wooden pallet

Packing: Available to customers in the wire spring coils or coils from 10 to 500 kg, packed in waterproof paper or plastic sheeting.
Application: Spring wire has a fairly wide range of applications. In particular, it is widely used for the production of springs and in the furniture industry.

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