• Two rolls of PVC coated baling wire, one roll in black, another in yellow color.
  • Two pieces of galvanized cotton bale tie wire is tied together.
  • A roll of galvanized double loop tie wire and several wire ties beside.
  • A galvanized binding wire coil and three spools of binding wire on the white background.

Galvanized Wire

Electro Galvanized Wire, hot dipped galvanized wire

The method of manufacture galvanized wire is cold drawing.

Type: hot dipped galvanized wire and electro galvanized Wire.
The diameter: 0.20 to 9 mm
Zinc coat: 10-25g/m2
Tensile strength: 40-85kg/mm2
Cross-section: In most cases, a round cross section of galvanized wire, but it may be oval, square, hexagonal and trapezoidal cross-section.

SWG10 (3.25mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12kg/coil
SWG12 (2.64mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12kg/coil
SWG14 (2.03mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12kg/coil
SWG16 (1.63mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12kg/coil
Packaging: PVC inside, hessian cloth outside.
10coils/bundle secured with 4 nos steel straps.
Specs: Tensile strength 350n/mm2 (Very soft, annealing for 9 hours).

Follow mainly shows hot dipped galvanized binding wire specifications:
Finished: Hot dip Galvanized;
Tension strength: 700-800 N/mm2;
Wire diameter: 2,10 mm;
Tolerance: + 0.025 mm / - 0.025 mm;
Thickness of Zinc coating: 15 - 17 g/m2;
Coil dimensions: inner diam. about 400 mm;
Outer diam. 900 mm.
Height 750 mm
Weight: +/- 0,8 TON;
Packing: Coil plastic packed

BWG 22 galvanized binding wire new specifications:
Product Name: Galvanized binding wire BWG22 (0.7mm)​
Wire diameter: 0.7mm (BWG22)
Usage: For tie construction the rebar.
Material: low carbon steel wire Q195
Treatment: Electro galvanized.
Zinc coating: 10-15g/m2
Tensile strength: 350-550N/MM2
No of coil/25Ton: 3334
Coil Packing weight: 7.5 Kg.
Packing inside: Packing is plastic sheet.
Packing outside: Hessian cloth outside.

Characteristics of galvanized wire:
1. Galvanizing improves corrosion resistance wire and greatly expands its scope.
2. Galvanized wire can withstand the negative impact of the environment and increasing their service life.
3. It has better aesthetic properties.

Packing: Galvanized wire supplied in coils of 20 to 200 kg, and in the pallet from 800 kg to 1.2 tons, or as your requirement.

Galvanized wire 1

Galvanized wire 2

Galvanized wire 3

Galvanized wire 4

Galvanized wire 5

Galvanized wire 6

Galvanized wire 7

Galvanized wire 8

Galvanized wire 9

Galvanized wire 10

Galvanized wire 11

Galvanized wire 12

Galvanized wire 13

Galvanized wire 14


  1. Galvanized wire used as tie wire, in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire.
  2. used in the manufacture of semi-finished form of ropes, springs, ropes, nets, electrodes and wiring.
  3. Heat-treated galvanized wire is commonly used in the production of nails with diameters ranging from 1 to 6 mm.
  4. used in the manufacture of woven mesh netting and suspension of various cables.
  5. Galvanized wire can be used in devices grounding, boxes, mounting boxes, as well as the production of metallic brushes, paper clips, staples, rings and pendants for clothes hangers.
  6. The wire can be used for the reinforcement of power transmission cables. Galvanized wire is used in electrical work, grounding, but it can also be used as an ordinary steel wire rod, in case you want to extend the life of objects.

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